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Flexible, personal, simple - Maja for your customers!

Much more than just a chatbot! majaAI is a new form of artificial intelligence that can be used in any industry or field of knowledge. As the first self-service AI, it can be configured, personalized and trained without programming knowledge. In chat, on the web, as an app - Maja is always exactly where she is needed. External data sources can easily be connected to Maja. Learn more and get to know Maja.

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Das ist Maja

Self-service or all-round carefree package - your choice!

Impossible? For Maja it's not! Train Maja on her own majaAI training centre with the actions you want to make available to your customers. These can be simple answers or audio and video output - or you can let Maja access existing data sources, which can be integrated into the majaAI Training Center with just a few clicks.

Not in the mood for self-service? No problem! Just send us an Excel with your questions, answers and dialogues and we will train your personalized Maja for you.

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Make knowledge available anytime and anywhere - use Maja!

We want Maja to be available for you and your customers anytime, anywhere. That's why we use many different channels to get in touch with Maja. Through her platform concept Maja's knowledge is directly available in all channels. See for yourself and be surprised.

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Majas Kanäle
Majas Dialoge

Modeling complex dialogues - very easy with Maja!

Modeling dialogues sounds complicated? No - absolutely not! Maja works as the first self-service AI and allows you to create complex dialogs easily in our majaAI training center. No programming knowledge is required, because our dialogue designer guides you step by step.

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Share knowledge with others and use it yourself - Discover the Maja community!

Benefit from the knowledge of others! Maja's entire knowledge is divided into different subject areas called talents. Public talents can be used and expanded by you as part of the community. Through this, all majaAI talents, including your own Maja, develop continuously.

You can also start with a completely new majaAI talent, which you can design and train according to your own wishes and ideas in our majaAI training centre. In no time at all, you can answer questions about your field of expertise, conduct dialogues or link data with each other. You can then make this talent available to the community or use it exclusively yourself.

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Majas Talente
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